2017-2018 School Supplies


Save time and effort by purchasing your child’s school supplies online. These kits are based on the requested needs of our teachers to ensure the success of their students. Each kit is sold by grade level and includes everything your child will need for the upcoming school year!


When you purchase your school supplies on Yubbler, our school will receive 50% of the profits!
- One click ordering makes back-to-school shopping simple!
- All lists are teacher approved
- You can customize orders in the shopping cart - only buy what you need
- Free next-day shipping to your home
- The school gets half the profits!


For added convenience, enter the school's mailing address (found at the bottom of this webpage) for the supplies that are indicated as being shipped home and all your supplies will be shipped there and ready for you. All supplies are needed in the classroom. If you choose to ship to your home, please remember to bring them with you to Meet Your Teacher or the first day of school.




If you prefer to shop for supplies yourself, click on your grade level below to open the wish list!!



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