Modern Woodmen of America Fraternal Financial Services was founded in 1883 and has since been helping families create a written financial plan to achieve their goals. 


A note from Dalon Farkas, MOE PTA's Financial Representative for Modern Woodmen:


My job is to produce information and options for families to plan for their financial security. I do so through Life Insurance and investment opportunities. These opportunities range from fixed savings methods to variable options that allow for greater returns on your money through investing in the economy. 


Being a Fraternal organization, it allows me to give back to the community in multiple ways. These include providing teachers and homeschooling parents resources through youth education programs and financial literacy courses as well as through service projects, such as beautification projects to enhance the communities we all call home. A third way we give back is through matching funds for fundraisers, we love getting a community together and we want to help in matching any funds raised, dollar for dollar. 


Modern Woodmen is a company built for our members, not for profit. Through our members planning their financial security with us, it allows us to fund multiple avenues of enhancement for the communities we are involved in. We believe education is the greatest tool in creating financial stability and peace of mind. 


We are a proud supporter of Manning Oaks Elementary and are excited to continue offering financial opportunities for both the students and their families. 

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